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Death Stranding – tips and tricks

FelipeAtork 11.11.2019 - 05:05 počet príspevkov: 0

Here’s a quick guide with the most useful tips on Death Stranding.
Below you’ll also see the most difficult or unclear moments

How do you see other Death Stranding players’ structures?
Other players’ constructions are visible only after the connection of the next node of the chiral network. So it’s better to wait until you connect the node and then start building the same ropeway.

How to fight Mules in Death Stranding?
Mules are stupid enough, so you can knock them out with one shocking gun or beat them with your hands. If you build a mailbox next to them, you can pick up their base and just unload their cargo there.

What do you do with the creatures in Death Stranding?
They look for you with their hands first, then try to grab you and drag you to your boss. Never drive around in a car – they’ll almost always pull you out of the cockpit, and the car will stall.

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