Mam na predaj Flašu vína Barilli di Sassicaia 0,5 l rok 2009 40%

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Mam na predaj Flašu vína Barilli di Sassicaia 0,5 l rok 2009 40% v Prípade zaujmu mi napíste email na

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  • Grazi 13.8.2015 - 14:11

    In one of my first industry pridcutoon jobs, the winemaker complained to me that the owner was dictating boring, flabby, uninteresting blends. I spent a week at the library (this was before the days of internet ubiquity), Xeroxed 5 or 6 seminal research papers on the geriatrics of taste, put them in a manila folder, and left them on the owner's desk with a PostIt note: "There's a reason grandpa wants dessert first." Like our hearing and eyesight, the acuity of our taste and smell deteriorates as we age. But it's not just a matter of acuity - there is also a shift in perception and preference. I'm with you with respect to what I want to drink these days. I love grower Champagnes, whites from Alsace and Friuli (and Gavi and Cortese), 1er cru Chablis, white Corton and Meursault, Aligote, some of the Loire whites, a few new world whites, and dry roses from the southern Rhone. But I make and sell red wines for a living. I'm keeping a sharp eye out for palate deterioration, and grooming young talent to replace me. I still enjoy drinking red wines frequently, especially as vini per meditazione but most of the time I just find them to be too much work.